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I'm a full-stack javascript developer from Moscow, Russia. I love building web and mobile apps to solve human problems with the use of latest technologies. I'm currently working remotely from Bali, Indonesia. I speak English, Russian and Spanish.

My Skills

Remote Developer

Project Management with Slack, Fogbugz, Github, Jira, PivotalTracker, Trello, Phabricator
QA and client communication
Code reviews, best code practices and patterns
Have experience hiring and training people remotely

Full-Stack Developer

6+ years of javascript development, ES6/ES 2017
Single Page App development with React/Redux, Saga, Antdesign, webpack
REST APIs and GraphQL experience
Static website deployment with CDN
iOS / Android app development with React Native and Expo
Frameworks:, Bootstrap, Angular, SemanticUI
Backend development with node.js
Python, Django knowledge
Websockets, MQTT
Prototyping in Sketch
Writing documentation


Microservices architecture with Docker and Rancher
Linux administration
Bash scripting
Raspberry Pi experience

Cloud Architect

2+ years deep working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) experience
CloudFormation scripting and automation in Amazon Cloud
Security and Encryption
Deployment to EC2, Elastic Beanstalk
Continious Integration with AWS services
Serverless architecture (Lambda, API Gateway, AWS IoT, and more)
Google Cloud AI

Storage & Analytics

Data Model design
DynamoDB, Postgres / MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite, S3, Redis, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch

My Work Experience

Calgary, Canada, Remote 2015 - 2018

MethodExists, Inc.

Software Developer

Responsible for planning and development of both customer facing components and non-customer facing platform features in Canadian software company MethodExists.
Developed node.js services with Express.js for the purposes of authentication, files management, REST API, security API.
Lead the transition from monolith system architecture to microservices.
Integrated and managed CI and CD process based on Docker containers.
Built a cloud platform for developing new services with Rancher.
Developed features on frontend using React/Redux approach, developed core and custom components.
Worked on real-time data updates.
Experience with A/B Test environments, the AWS platform and multiple cloud providers.
Built mobile apps with React-Native/Expo.

Remote 2013 - 2015


Full-Stack Developer

Delivered multiple small business projects for the fields of photography, real estate, ecommerce. Which included development of the websites of different functionality. Developed a platform for faster creation of new websites with admin panel and client-facing frontend with Angular, Grunt, Node.js, Express.js, Sails.js and Mongodb. Participated in multiple projects as frontend developer.

Moscow, Russia 2010 - 2013

OOO Gazcardservice

Lead specialist in fraud monitoring

Supported a fraud monitoring system for Top 3 Russian Banks GazPromBank. Did analytics job on big amounts of data to improve expert system for the fraud monitoring service. Worked in an emergency team to quickly take actions on security incidents.

Moscow, Russia 2010

OOO Erfid


I was testing mobile and desktop software for systems based on RFID technology in a company that creates solutions for some of the biggest industrial and social companies in the country. I also did technical analysis and requirements analysis for the projects.

My Education

Moscow, Russia 2006 - 2012

Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Higher Education

Graduated as a Specialist in Automatic Information Processing and Control Systems from one of top technical unversities in Russia. Studied Computer Science as well as Natural and Exact Science.

What People Say.

Mark Boulton-Mills

Alexey handled challenging projects professionally and constantly delivered robust code. His maturity helped our organization move into new technical architectures.
Alexey was always there to help onboard new developers and was active in code reviews and mentoring.
His solid problem solving and technical skills will be an asset to have on any team.

Mark Boulton-Mills CEO, MethodExists
Alexander Tsimbalistov

We started working with Alexey in 2015 when we had only a techical specification for our startup. Within 4 months we were able to build and start our platform. Alexey is very self-sustained worker, he was always online and quickly answered to any questions. I can recommend working with him.

Alexander Tsimbalistov CTO, Fundico
Natalia Sevostyanova

Alexey did a great job communicating with us to understand the requirements and proposed a solution. He was transparent and showed his expertise and understanding of various aspects and platforms.

Natalia Sevostyanova CEO, Sencom Real Estate


See My Latest Projects.

Some of the work I've done is for projects under NDA, but I can explain what problems were solved over an interview.


App Development & Cloud

Laporta is a project I've started with my partner. It's an AirBnb-like marketplace platform app, which has a lot of different functionalities, including messenger, pictures uploads, videochat, payments, file attachments from the cloud, reviews, events, etc.
Backend is on AWS built with serverless approach with the use of Lambda, DynamoDb, ElasticSearch, CloudWatch Events, AWS IOT, Cognito, S3, CloudFormation...

Druzhu s telom

App Development & Web Admin & Cloud

Druzhu s telom is a russian project about nutrition and mental health for women who wants to be fit without being stressed. I've developed a mobile app which allows their customers make food notes, do trainings and perform tasks. Course mentors lead customers from Admin panel, which is a web app.
Technologies used: React-Native,, dva.js, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Cognito, S3, Postgres, Sketch


Kiosk App

EasyPay is an Indonesian company which makes Points of Payment, that allow people to pay for everyday services.
I've developed a kiosk app, which allowed people to pay with cash for services using touchscreen and receiving printer receipts afterwards. I had to overcome multiple challenges with this project due to it's distributed architecture, offline support and hardware integration.

Sencom Real Estate

Website & Branding

Sencom Real Estate is a Dominican Republic based real estate agency.
I've made client-facing website with filters for quick search as well as Admin Panel for the management.
Technologies used: Angular.js, SASS, SVG, Bootstrap, Sails.js, MongoDB

Bali Fit Camp

Website & Branding

Just a promo website for friends project.

BudgetTools Hackathon

A Service For Social Privileges

As the part of team of three, won second place in developers section of BudgetTools Hackathon - a government-backed hackathon to build services with open data.
The idea behind our project was to give ability to people to check which social privileges are applied to them based on their social group, age, location and family size.
We have successfully delivered an MVP of a service in 48 hours of hackathon which included classifying large amounts of data, data mining, API and interface.


Front-end Development

Fundico is a P2P lending marketplace for SME loans.
I did frontend for this project, and with a team of 3 people we were able to build the platform. Challenges for this project included a lot of calculations on the frontend as well as a lot of forms with validation.
Technologies used: Angular.js, Grunt, LESS, Semantic UI


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Bali, Indonesia